Virtual Events


A webinar is an online seminar. It often features a single presenter on a webcam who shares the screen with a PowerPoint presentation. Webinars encourage high audience interactivity with the audience through online chat, polls, and a Q&A session.

  • Simulcast a camera and a slide show with real time adjustable windows.
  • Use HD content/videos in both windows.
  • Set up pay per view lectures.
  • Add a Chat box feature for attendees to comment and start conversations.



A webcast is a live video stream of a conference or an event. These events are designed to reach a much larger audience than webinars, and the content and presentation is designed much like a traditional live conference: high production value and low audience interactivity.

  • Present through multiple third-party web meeting systems simultaneously into our streaming service.
  • Have a panel presentation remotely.
  • Seamlessly blend all 3 options together into a mobile app friendly web page.


Virtual Events

Virtual events allow guests to learn and interact with each other in a virtual setting rather than a physical setting. Virtual events may have multiple presentations that use a webinar or a webcast format, breakout rooms, trade show booths, networking, and other event features that are highly interactive.

  •  Presenters use third-party presentation platforms (e.g. Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, WebEx, etc.)
  • Presentations are distributed to viewers through a dedicated server that protects the quality of the livestream and prevents unwanted traffic from disrupting your event.
  • All event components are blended seamlessly together onto a customized event website.