Client Spotlight: HealthyWomen

Client Spotlight for HealthyWomen

As a Woman-Owned Small Business, The Webster Group takes special interest in partnering with woman-led organizations. This year we were honored to work with HealthyWomen to produce its annual event focused on women's health education and access. The Webster Group supported the complete transition of HealthyWomen's annual live event to a fully virtual event - more to come on the event details in the next post. We spoke with the HealthyWomen team about the organization and the important work they are focused on this year.


Describe the mission of HealthyWomen.

The mission behind HealthyWomen is to empower and engage women to make informed health choices. For over 30 years, we have been providing scientifically reviewed, evidence-based information that allows women to live well and age well. 


How has Covid-19 impacted the work that HealthyWomen does?

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has required many of us, but especially women – to rethink daily life at every level and at every age. And not just for ourselves as women but for our young children, our teenage and college age children, as well as our aging parents.

New family and professional demands are requiring an increase in both physical and emotional labor for women. Between working from home, making the agonizing choice of sending your children to school or homeschooling, worrying about the impact of the virus, and maintaining your own and your family’s health needs, these are trying times. 

To help women navigate this unchartered territory, HealthyWomen has developed a range of online content to answer questions and provide insight into what women are struggling and dealing with right now.

We have also launched a COVID-19 survey in order to take a deep dive into women’s concerns regarding the pandemic, their health care needs during and after quarantine, their attitudes towards preventative care, and their mental and physical wellbeing. 


Tell us about a significant HealthyWomen accomplishment.

HealthyWomen’s digital presence is the core of our identity and is key to being able to connect with our audience.

Our website just underwent a huge rebrand in order to make the site as user friendly to our audience as possible. HealthyWomen offers an extensive library on diseases and conditions ranging from heart disease and breast cancer to migraines and menopause, with hundreds of lifestyle and wellness topics in between. With medical information that has been reviewed by leading health experts to ensure that it is accurate and reflects the latest scientific advances, HealthyWomen is a robust digital brand offering proven and trusted resources for both consumers and health care providers.

We are also immensely proud of our “Real Women, Real Stories.” These first-person essays document the lived experiences of women along their health journeys, letting others know that they are not alone in their personal health struggles. 


How does gathering together, in person or virtually, propel the mission of the organization?

As experts in women’s health, it is our job to provide evidence and information that can transform women’s health care experiences for the better. HealthyWomen strives to be a voice that is timely, consistent, and open to new perspectives. We also work to build allies and participate in networks and coalitions that share our interests and help us increase our impact.

Our extensive lineup of events, webinars, and roundtable discussions - whether in person or virtual - enables us to examine the latest research, provide a forum for women to share real-life experiences, and give our audience access to expert perspectives. Through these events we are building a body of knowledge that women can use in making personal health care decisions.


How can individuals and organizations support HealthyWomen?

We achieve our mission of educating women to make informed health choices by connecting with women through fact-based, expert-sourced content, and creative evidence-based programming. We keep women's health part of the national dialogue by raising awareness to decision makers about the impact health policy has on women and families. And we work collaboratively with partner organizations and alliances to reach more women.

Some of our work is created with help from the generous support of our funders. We implement timely, evidence-based educational programs, national events, and campaign initiatives on specific topics important to women and their health. The support allows us to create educational content grounded in science, free of commercial bias, and widely accessible to all.

HealthyWomen welcomes partnerships with industry leaders, including pharmaceutical companies, consumer product companies, managed care companies, hospitals and health systems, and media establishments. And we offer various opportunities for corporate partnerships, including sponsoring health content areas and developing new content, licensing, and interactive features for our audience.

For individuals, HealthyWomen offers an extensive library on diseases and conditions ranging from heart disease and breast cancer to migraines and menopause, with hundreds of lifestyle and wellness topics in between. Our medically reviewed content, expert-led webinars, social media platforms, and newsletters, allow our audience of women ages 35 to 64 to make informed health choices for themselves and their families.


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