Memorial Day: Meaning & Memories

This Memorial Day, The Webster Group team took time to reflect on what the day means to each of us. While we all have different traditions and memories associated with the day, the consistent thread is appreciation for those that have served our country and the importance of connecting with family and friends.

Sentiments from some of our team members are shared below.

Lynda Webster: Sacrifice is the word that comes to mind each Memorial Day. I think of the men and women who postponed the lives they had to defend our freedoms, many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice doing so. I think of the myriad of sacrifices made by their families who bid them farewell. I’m grateful beyond measure to them all.

Wendy Drake: My father, mother, and husband served in the military, so Memorial Day has always been a time for us to come together as a family to remember those who have served and are no longer with us. We should never forget the patriots who lost their lives to keep us safe and preserve our freedom.

Taylor Dunlop: Growing up with an uncle who was in the military most of my life, Memorial Day means a lot to my family. Every year we come together to enjoy each other’s company. We usually eat a combination of cookout food and our ultimate favorite: crabs. My family loves to enjoy music and play games to remind each other of how much we love each other, and it is another holiday that brings us together other than just Thanksgiving and Christmas. My uncle usually tells us stories about what his experience was in the military and how honored he was to help fight for our country.

Phoebe Koenigsberg: For me, Memorial Day is a time to be together with my family and participate in community activities. Growing up, we always attended our town’s Memorial Day parade to clap and cheer for our town’s front line, veterans, and community clubs. In high school, I participated in the parade myself as a member of the color guard in our marching band. It is a nice time to reflect on how our community works together and supports one another, and I look forward to that reflection every year.

Rob Brown: Growing up in a military family, Memorial Day has always been a time of reflection on the sacrifice so many families have made over the years in service to this country.

Phil Hargis: Memorial Day is very meaningful to me. My country, protecting our freedoms, and recognizing all the sacrifices made by so many others before me are all things I am incredibly grateful for and take very seriously.

I am proud of my grandfather and father who both served in the Army. Their service inspired me to join the Army as well. I went to basic training at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and advanced training and Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. Serving my country is one of my life’s proudest accomplishments. So much so that hearing the Star-Spangled Banner played at one of our events or a sporting event gives me incredible chills every time it’s played or sung.

My grandfather is buried at Arlington Cemetery and I go every year on his birthday, with my father, to visit him and lay a golf ball and flowers by his grave. This past year I was able to participate in Wreaths Across America for the first time. It was such an amazing, spiritual, and special day that it will be something I do for the rest of my life. I had the honor to set the very first wreath for his section on his grave. I got on my knees, placed the wreath, thanked him for his service, and ended with a short prayer. It was a blessing to spend the morning with my friend Frank and thousands of volunteer who came out on a cold and rainy day to honor the fallen. Those who have given their lives to our country should never, ever be forgotten.

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